Rodríguez: The call of the opposition for violence again is a betrayal to the people

Regarding the statement of the Supreme Court of Justice regarding the nullity of the directive of the National Assembly in contempt, the member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Hector Rodriguez, lamented that the Venezuelan opposition insists on not joining the constitutional order and democratic to solve the problems of Venezuelans.
“They have refused to enter into the constitutional framework and have not allowed a legitimate and legal expression of the exercise of the National Assembly. Those who lead the opposition outside the country do not understand that space as part of the institutional and democratic game, but as a space to revert the constitutional order”, he explained during an interview on the “En La Palestra” (On the podium) program, broadcast by RNV Informative channel.
He added that it is “regrettable because what the country wants, needs and aspires is not to continue wasting time in what has happened the last years of permanent conflict, instability, “guarimba” (rioting), of contradiction between the powers; but on the contrary, the vast majority of Venezuelans, what we want is to concentrate on solving the concrete problems of the people”.
He affirmed that there is no counterpart, an opposition that is willing to sit down with the national government to work together for the Venezuelans. However, he indicated that in Venezuela there is not only one opposition but that the most radical sectors that impose their logic of violence have been imposed.
He pointed out that this moment that crosses the country is for dialogue and represents a disloyalty on the part of the Venezuelan opposition towards the Venezuelan people, that they continue imposing a line of irrationality, ignorance and violence. “It is an attitude of betrayal to the Venezuelan people and families.”