New gasoline distribution scheme started successfully in Venezuela

As successful was qualified by the Vice President for Economy, Tareck El Aissami, the new gasoline distribution and commercialization scheme that began this Monday in the agreed service stations in which subsidy is contemplated, as well as in those that distribute the fuel with the international reference price throughout the country.

In statements offered from the Simón Bolívar press room of Miraflores Palace, the also minister for Petroleum attributed this scenario to the civility and spirit of peace of the Venezuelan people that was evident during today’s journey:

“We can conclude that it has been a successful day, in this new beginning and scheme of distribution and marketing”, in this journey that “has been extraordinary” and in which “no incident occurred”, allowing us to take a “further step on the right track to ensure fair and transparent (fuel) distribution. ‘

He confirmed that the subsidized gasoline has a value of 5,000 bolivars per liter, (a rate that will apply for) up to 120 liters for a four-wheel car and 60 liters for motorcycles; while public and cargo transportation is 100 percent subsidized.

Gasoline distribution settings:

El Aissami announced that the National Executive has decided some adjustments that will take effect from this Tuesday, June 2, in order to further improve the new fuel supply scheme.

That is why tomorrow, users with vehicles whose license plates ends on numbers 3 and 4 will be able to refuel from 5 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, as well as at stations with international prices.

As part of these adjustments, the Vice President for Economy detailed that this Monday will be held a meeting and videoconference with the governors, mayors, protectors and military chiefs of the country’s states, in order to continue adding efforts for the well-being of the people.

As an observation, after this Monday’s journey, the Vice President clarified that no civil or military authority that is in the service stations has any power to limit the supply of gasoline, that is, “there can be no conditioning (…) if you order 45 liters, 45 liters must be dispatched”, and thus up to the 120 liters that are protected as subsidized (at 5,000 bs. per liter) in the 1,368 service stations.

He thanked “the people of Venezuela for trusting President Maduro, and for their absolute trust in this new distribution and marketing scheme for gasoline”.

Tareck El Aissami did not skimp on words to point out that with this new scheme “(…) we are fighting the smuggling of the mafias that stole fuel into Colombia, we are fighting bachaquerismo (hoarding-reselling), the corruption that was generated for many decades around the stations of fuel”.