President Maduro announces forthcoming work visit to China to strengthen bilateral cooperation

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced this Wednesday that he will soon pay a work visit to China, to continue strengthening strategic cooperation in various fields.

«Soon I am going to Beijing to give a hug to our brother Xi Jinping -Chinese President-, in China,» expresed the Head of State in a press conference to foreign media, via teleconference, from Miraflores Palace, Caracas.

China and Venezuela established diplomatic relations on June 28, 1974. The leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez, re-promoted these links from 1999 as part of a global geostrategic vision.

Both nations carry out more than 700 joint projects in different areas of the economy and President Maduro has made more than 10 visits to the Asian nation to consolidate these ties as an expression of the importance and respect that joint relations between the two countries have, according to a note from the Ministry for Foreign Relations.