Maduro orders maximum security at the border to prevent propagation of Covid-19

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, ordered this Tuesday to maintain maximum security on the border with Colombia and Brazil, to prevent propagation of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

«Welcome home, I know that there is concern in a 90% of Venezuelans on that we could get infected, I ratify the order of please taking maximum care with all migrants and for the quarantine to be carried out, with conscience, with love. and if is detected a case in San Antonio (Táchira state), it is quarantined and we cure him there”, said the Venezuelan head of state.

Until last Friday, more than 20,000 Venezuelans had entered Venezuela through the border, where several epidemiological fences were set up to attend the nationals who were returning to the country, fleeing from xenophobia and humiliation.

It should be noted that, in addition, the National Government ordered that all persons entering the country through the border with Colombia or Brazil – both with exponential Covid-19 curves – must carry out a mandatory quarantine of at least 14 days and, in addition, must be applied screening tests for the outbreak.

In this regard, he asserted that Venezuela is ready to serve the thousands of compatriots who are returning to the country, to be treated amidst the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, which already affects more than three million people worldwide.