President Maduro: Opposition has degraded with Guaidó’s imposed leadership

The Venezuelan opposition degraded with the leadership of Juan Guaidó, imposed by the United States Government to destabilize the country, reiterated Friday the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

“Who chose Guaidó within the opposition? The US imposed on the opposition an unquestionable boss, it cannot be questioned, and we already know the story that came later”, said the President during the closing ceremony of the World Anti-Imperialist Meeting, which took place in Los Caobos Park, in Caracas.

“The opposition parties woke up one day, on January 23 last year (2019), and on live television they knew that Juan Guaidó was the chief imposed by the gringos for the opposition, their faces were wrinkled”, he said.

The Head of State recalled that the coup strategy promoted by Washington on January 23, 2019, on which Guaidó proclaimed himself as “president in charge” of Venezuela, was a failure.

He pointed out that the leader of the extreme right wing was “error, error, clumsiness and failure”, while adding that after 12 months of the coup plan the revolution is “stronger and more vital than ever”, instead the opposition is more divided and defeated than ever in 20 years.

“All they have is money, the cupola got richer, their friends, their families”, said the national dignitary. in a joint radio and television broadcast.

Similarly, he stressed that the resources provided by the US for the destabilizing and coup d’etat strategy came partly from the taxpayers, and in that order he estimated the US authorities will conduct an investigation.