Venezuela presents its energy benefits in Malabo

Within the 5th Summit of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries (GECF), which takes place in Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea, was inaugurated the Exhibition of Energy Companies, Construction, Goods and Services, where the The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela participates through a stand in which it will present the opportunities, projects and businesses offered by the Caribbean country in the gas field.
The exhibition of achievements was opened by the Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons of Equatorial Guinea, Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, who visited the stand of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
“Our brothers and sisters in Venezuela have a lot of experience in oil, we are working in order to have, in the future, a level of service companies as they do in Venezuela. For us it is a great honor that you are here sharing your experience with us”, said the representative of the energy portfolio of Equatorial Guinea.
In this sense, through a sample of 42 square meters, the Ministry of People’s Power for Petroleum, through Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) will show the potential in energy, tourism, industrial, training and technology transfer.
For four days, the Sipopo Convention Center will host the 5th Summit of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries, which includes an agenda that groups countries with the largest gas reserves worldwide.
This event involves more than 32 companies from different countries, which come together in this international journey, to show their potential.
The Forum of Gas Exporting Countries emerges as a joint initiative of Iran, Russia and Algeria in 2001, within the framework of a discussion of a unilateral decision of the European Union to liberalize the European gas market through which the most of the risks associated with the gas industry to producing countries.
In that context, Iran convened a Forum of Gas Exporting Countries on May 19 and 20, 2000 in Tehran, which was attended by the governments of Algeria, Brunei, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, The Federation from Russia, Turkmenistan and Norway (as observer country).
The days before the 5th Summit of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries include extraordinary ministerial meetings, GECF seminars, scientific meetings and information sessions of the Joint Organizations Data Initiative (JODI).