Opposition at of the National Assembly must respect new electoral agreements

The deputies for the Homeland Bloc urged the opposition bench of the National Assembly (AN) to respect the electoral agreements that derive from the complementary electoral table, which was installed as part of the National Dialogue Board, to prepare the schedule of work in which is discussed the formation of a new National Electoral Council (CNE).
The deputy to the National Assembly by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Angel Rodriguez, called on legislators to discuss the discussion of a draft agreement on the mechanisms for compliance with electoral guarantees and constitutional selection procedures of the Electoral Power, which took place today in the Parliament (still) under contempt.
In this same scenario, the parliamentarian for the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), Ilena Medina, stressed that the only space with legitimacy to be able to appoint the new electoral authorities is the National Dialogue Board and not the NA, which through its Political leaders have imposed a matrix against the CNE based on alleged guarantees.
This Monday, the National Dialogue Board set up the electoral table and prepared a work schedule for the creation of a new CNE to be discussed, the proportional representation system is resumed and broad guarantees for international observation are debated in the next parliamentary elections .