Venezuela advances in strengthening relations with China and Russia

The president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, reported this Monday on the results of the recent tour of China and Russia, for the strengthening of the Venezuelan diplomacy.
He explained that the Venezuelan delegation reviewed the current situation and detailed the internal situation in Venezuela with government representatives, as well as political organizations of the aforementioned nations, while qualifying the diplomatic exchange as satisfactory:
“President Maduro sent us to shake hands, to see faces, countenances, to listen to friends, to say everything that is happening in Venezuela, to review the current situation with these governments, with these parties, and the results so far, we can say that they have been very satisfactory”, said the spokesman of the plenipotentiary body.
Cabello highlighted that these relationships are “essential to resist the enemy’s attacks”, as he stressed during a press conference from Caracas.
Similarly, he condemned the new attack of coercive measures of the United States Government against Cuba, which, in his opinion, will serve to continue strengthening the dignity and resistance of the Caribbean nation:
“For they to sanction Cuba, what more are they going to sanction Cuba, that they have not made already?”, he said.