President Maduro: More than 90% of the Orange Alert is active

More than 90 percent of the Orange Alert has been activated, said the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, from Miraflores Palace, where he installed the Defense Council of the Nation.
This Orange Alert is promoted throughout the border with Colombia to defend the peace and sovereignty of our country, as emphasized the Venezuelan Head of State, “given the constant threats of the warmongering, criminal and irresponsible oligarchy of Bogotá, given the threats of his President Iván Duque”.
“I call on all the military forces of Venezuela, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), of the Western region REDI, the Andean region REDI, the REDI of southern Guyana, to review all the steps and activate with passion, moral strength and discipline, obedience and subordination of life, so that the Orange Alert tomorrow is one hundred percent active ”, requested the Venezuelan president.
He confirmed that border operations of sovereignty and peace will be carried out in Venezuela from September 10 to 28: “Tomorrow all military leadership is deployed to tune up the entire national defense system”, of a “pacifist but a warrior, Bolivarian country, who will not accept our sovereignty to be touched in any way”.
President Maduro said that fortunately Venezuela has managed to handle conflicts in all these years: “I am a man of dialogue, I am a man who believes in diplomacy, in politics, in ideas, in exchange, in the tolerance of the opposite idea. When I say I am, I say: We are a people ”.
Feelings of love for Colombia:
He exemplified that with Colombia “we only have feelings of love and brotherhood, that is why it hurts us so much that there is such a violent oligarchy that governs Colombia”, which is why he regretted that this oligarchy intends to maintain economic, political, diplomatic media aggression, a total impudence:
“One sees when Mr. Iván Duque speaks, can be seen the impudence in his eyes, he believes he is over the international law (…) a man who has an 80 percent rejection of public opinion in his country”, recalled Maduro.
“He wants to cover with Venezuela and with war that social crisis that invades the Colombian family. They want to cover up the Colombian crisis ”, and the formula is “by attacking our noble country”.
However, President Maduro hoped that the day will come when all these circumstances are past history and will be overcome: “I hope one day, hopefully, to walk towards a process of regularization of communication, dialogue and cooperation relations with Colombia, in the political, military field”.
He said that sooner rather than later, wisdom, understanding and communication will have to be restored and they will have to “abandon extremist and warmongering positions, learn to respect the diversity of ideologies and policies”.