Venezuela promotes textile and sports alliance with China

Venezuela and China promote new commercial alliances in the textile and sports field with the purpose of strengthening the national economy, issues that were presented by the Minister of People’s Power for Youth and Sports, Pedro Infante, in a meeting with the president of the Chamber of Textile Commerce of China, Cao Jian Chang.
Infante, who is in Beijing with a commission appointed by the Ministry for Youth and Sports, is visiting the Chinese territory in order to complete a training phase of more than 20 days; presenting various proposals for textile cooperation, including the experience of Algodones del Orinoco (Orinoco Cotton Company):
«We have the great challenge entrusted to us by the president, Nicolás Maduro, of accelerating the growth of Algodones del Orinoco and with this relationship we will have significant progress», said minister Infante during the meeting led by the president of the Textile Chamber of Commerce of China, Cao Jian Chang.
For his part, Jian Chang said he will continue to expand their work in the Venezuelan nation: “We are willing to collaborate and provide advice so that Venezuela can advance in the face of the crisis they have been subjected to. We are willing to visit your country and receive Venezuelan personnel that may contribute to growth».
In sports matters:
Likewise, the Minister for Youth and Sports held a meeting at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Embassy in Beijing, with representatives of the Peak company, a Chinese brand dedicated to the manufacture of sports equipment, with a presence in more than 100 countries.
Infante discussed with the company the conditions to specify the endowment of implements to the athletes and coaches that will participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which will take place in Japan: likewise, the possibility of providing sports supplies to about 1500 athletes who are participating in national games.
Representatives of Peak were satisfied to undertake relations of exchange and cooperation in sports with the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela.