Right-wing deputies bet on paramilitary gangs to destabilize the nation

Julio Chavez, deputy to the National Assembly, reiterated the denounce made by the Parliamentary Homeland Bloc against a group of deputies of the Venezuelan opposition that rely on paramilitarism to trigger acts of violence.
“They want to activate a scenario of violence and elimination of leaders of the PSUV, we have evidences that members of the National Assembly and the Voluntad Popular (People’s Will) party are betting on destabilization,” said on Wednesday in a telephone interview with the program “En la Palestra” (On the stage) broadcast by the Informative Channel of RNV.
He said that the visit of deputies of the right wing to other nations of the world respond to the need for the US to eliminate the Bolivarian Revolution.
The deputy stressed that the continued Coup d’ Etat being currently living the Government of Rousseff in Brazil, evidences the need for the right wing to occupy spaces that have been released by independent Governments.
“We make a call to the Venezuelan people to be on alert, to remain in the streets in defense of peace in the country and the advance of the integration process,” he urged.
Chavez pointed out that the Venezuelan parliament is being used to usurp executive functions, to destabilize and create confrontation between powers.
“I have denounced that this parliament is following to the letter the document issued by the United States and where are described the functions that the opposition should develop within the hemicycle” he said.