US companies call for the end of blockade to Venezuela

The US oil company Chevron is exerting pressure against the administration of US President Donald Trump to reduce the sanctions imposed illegally and unilaterally against Venezuela, as reported the Bloomberg economics magazine.
According to the report of this North American media, the transnational oil company is working for Trump to grant «an extension of exemptions», which allows it to continue operating in Venezuelan territory, which according to the Treasury Department, has a deadline of July 27 this year.
Chevron’s CEO Mike Wirth said in a televised interview that he works closely with the US government in order to maintain the company «for a long time» in Venezuela.
The actions of Chevron are added to the pressures exerted by US and European companies to end the sanctions against Venezuela, considering that this imperial strategy that sought to overthrow the legitimate Government of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, is doomed to failure.