“Venezuela has a real democracy and a process of true independence,” based on the values of a generation such as that of Simón Bolívar and Hugo Chávez, said this Sunday the Chancellor of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza, from the Liceo Andrés Bello high school, in Caracas, after participating in the electoral simulation convened by the CNE.

In statements to the press, he assured that the people is on the streets, activated, giving a clear response from the political point of view.

He reminded, to those who attack the Venezuelan democratic system, that in Venezuela participatory democracy is not only expressed through the vote, but through the participation of the people in the communal councils, communes, communal parliaments and all the mechanisms of collective decision making in the country.

He asked the Venezuelans to conceive the elections on December 9 as a ratification of the democratic model; “To tell the world that in Venezuela there is a sovereign people that wants to solve all problems through democratic means”.

He assured that Venezuela, unlike what was established in the executive order signed by former President Barack Obama, “is a threat to the capitalist system, its bourgeois liberal democracy and the bourgeois state that has been imposed throughout the world”, and thus he did not hesitate to affirm that the blockade against the country seeks to curb the advance of the peoples.