Washington imposes new sanctions against Venezuela

US National Security Adviser John Bolton announced Thursday that Washington imposes new sanctions against Venezuela that will affect the entire gold sector.

The sanctions against Venezuela are intended to disrupt the country’s gold exports. As Bolton has announced; Donald Trump has signed a decree that prohibits Americans from negotiating with companies and individuals working in the “corrupt and deceptive” sale of Venezuelan gold.

During his speech in Miami, Bolton stressed that the White House does not tolerate “dictators and despots” in Latin America and has branded Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua as the “troika of tyranny” that generates regional instability and causes suffering human.

After lashing out against the governments of Nicolás Maduro, Miguel Díaz-Canel and Daniel Ortega, Bolton praised the new Colombian leader, Iván Duque, and the president-elect of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, “with like-mindedness”, adding that the US will also collaborate with the leaders of Mexico, Argentina and other Latin American countries in order to strengthen security and boost economic development in the region.

The National Security Adviser has asserted that the US will also expand sanctions against Cuba, and “in a matter of days” the State Department will add more than 20 Cuban entities to the list of organizations associated with the military and intelligence services of the country, as reports Reuters. To companies and individuals from the US will be forbidden to make any business with the companies in question.