Petro will defeat blockade against Venezuela

With the start of the purchase of the Venezuelan crypto-currency, the Petro, Venezuela will break the system of blockade and asphyxia imposed towards its economy by imperialism, said on Tuesday the Minister for University Education, Science and Technology, Hugbel Roa.

«The Petro, a Venezuelan cryptocurrency that has support, guarantee and above all, has the strength in a series of riches that are proven and that will allow us to break with the blocking and asphyxia scheme that is proposed against our economy», he said. after going to the National Superintendence of Cryptocurrencies (Sunacrip) to buy Petros.

In a broadcast by VTV, he noted that representatives of the Republic of China have joined the purchase of the national cryptocurrency, noting the importance of the Asian giant to support the Petro.

In this regard, he invited companies and countries interested in acquiring the crypto-asset to do so, respecting national sovereignty.

He also stressed that the upcoming Science and Technology Fair to be held in the country – with the participation of more than 10 countries, including China, Russia, India and Cuba – will be an opportunity for businesses that arise there can be made with Petros.

For his part, the Minister for Eco-socialism and Water, Erick Rángel, said that with the Petro Venezuela enters the future and faces the imperial aggressions, since «it is an easy way to save and invest» in the country in an independent manner.

Rángel invited all Venezuelans and all national and international companies to invest in the cryptocurrency because with it will be built the Venezuela of the future.

Under the face-to-face modality, that is to say by ticket office, and also via electronic means, the National Superintendence of Cryptoactives (Sunacrip), began on Monday, October 29 the sale of the Petro, which is a macro and micro economic financial exchange tool, which allows the mobility of resources at any level and the digital transformation.

At the Sunacrip headquarters, on Urdaneta Avenue -next to Banco del Tesoro-, a team of young professionals was deployed on the first day to receive cash in any convertible currency, as well as to help them carry out the process via digital.

For next November 5, a date that had initially been scheduled for the entry into force of the petro, the Petro Savings Plan will be initiated and attention will be given to various procedures, such as the registration of the mining sector.