Reactivated binational committee to finance development projects in Haiti

Chancellor Jorge Arreaza stressed that the Governments of Venezuela and Haiti agreed to reactivate the binational committee held between the two nations to finance development projects in Haitian territory through the Bolívar-Petión joint venture of Petrocaribe:

“Venezuela respects the development projects of the signatory countries of Petrocaribe,” adding that this integration body “guarantees the energy security of the Caribbean people and in turn has these financing mechanisms, as well as compensation”, explained the Venezuelan chancellor after a meeting with his Haitian counterpart Antonio Rodrigue, from the Casa Amarilla (Yellow House, seat of the Venezuelan Chancellory), in Caracas.

The Committee will also be able to determine agricultural projects, “That production can then end at the table of Venezuelans, of our families through the CLAP (Local Committees of Supply and Production).

The Haitian Foreign Minister said that the reactivation of the Committee is an important step for the relationship between both countries, being “an instrument to develop projects in Haiti within the framework of the Petrocaribe agreement” and will also provide “continuity with the energy cooperation mechanism”.

Finally, the head of foreign relations of Haiti thanked the Bolivarian Government for its support to his country.