Venezuela-China High Level Joint Commission evaluates binational cooperation

This Tuesday was installed in Beijing the 7th Meeting of the Technical Secretariat of the Venezuela – China High Level Joint Commission, in order to deepen bilateral relations and to evaluate productive agreements.

The Venezuelan delegation that participated in the meeting is led by the Minister for Economy and Finances, Simón Zerpa, as well as the ambassador of Venezuela in China, Ivan Zerpa, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Finances, the Central Bank of Venezuela and Petróleos de Venezuela .

The Chinese Government was represented by the Secretary of the China-Venezuela High Level Joint Commission, Wu Hongliang, the Deputy Director of the Department of America and Africa of the Development Bank of China (BDC), Wu Li, as well as delegates from the National Commission of Development and Reform (Cndr), the National Petroleum Corporation of China (Cnpc) and China Oil.

“During the first session of this high-level meeting, the main topic was the production of oil, the central axis of the binational relationship; Likewise, issues were discussed in the economic, financial and energy fields”,said the Economy and Finance office in a press release.

The Joint High Level Commission is aimed at strengthening the productive capacities and investments between both nations. Since its creation in 2001, it has allowed establishing more than 480 agreements in different strategic association areas and reviewing the progress of binational cooperation agreements.

In 2017, Venezuela and the People’s Republic of China signed bilateral agreements on automotive, agricultural and industrial matters with the purpose of promoting the productive development of the 15 engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda (AEB).