Committee of Victims of the Guarimba supports measures for peace and understanding

The member of the Committee of Victims of the Guarimba (riots), Yendry Velásquez, supports the measure taken by the Bolivarian Government by releasing several imprisoned citizens for committing terrorist acts during the riots of 2014 and 2017.

In an interview conducted on the “Vida y Conciencia” (Life and Conscience) program, broadcast on Tuesday by RNV Informative channel, Velásquez joined the process of reconciliation and dialogue for forgiveness, peace and understanding, promoted by President Nicolás Maduro.

Velásquez highlighted the great weight that Venezuela has to give a second chance to those people who chose the path of hatred to change, although these citizens are guilty for having directly or indirectly participated in the violent acts that led to the murder of her husband, Ramzor Ernesto Bracho.

Captain Ramzor Ernesto Bracho Bracho was one of the officials of the Bolivarian National Guard killed on March 12, 2104, when trying to save a sergeant who was bleeding, after receiving two shots from a terrorist group of “La Salida” that operated in the neighborhoods of the Feo La Cruz Avenue of Mañongo, in the Naguanagua municipality of Carabobo state.

The last 12 years of his life he dedicated them to serving in the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. But, a month after the wave of violence began, he lost his life, just one day before he was three months away from being married by the civilian with Lieutenant Yendry Velásquez.