Maduro: We have the challenge of consolidating peace

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, assured that the country has the challenge of consolidating peace with the objective of combating the problems and sowing the foundations of the Venezuelan power.

«We have a great challenge for peace in the first place. We have a gigantic challenge to consolidate peace with equality, freedom, with active, alive, participating, protagonistic people, with social happiness and above all with prosperity with real economic growth of the Deep Venezuela», he said.

In the framework of the Federal Council of Government, the Head of State, denounced that the right wing continues to conspire against the peace of the country.

«Today there is no violence in Venezuela, (and) it is not because some factors of the right wing do not want, it is because the people does not allow it, because the Government does not allow it, it is because the consciousness of the majority triumphs. Today there is no attempted coup d’etat in Venezuela, because there is a monolithic unit of the FANB to defeat the coup plotting sectors», he said.

The first National President declared his willingness to open a space for political dispute in Venezuela, in the field of debate, ideas and the popular vote.

«1000 times I have sought dialogue and a few times I have achieved it. I want that great peacemaker dialogue, and in the next few days I will dare decisions in that field and hopefully the step of liberation and benefits for political actors who have been in violence, conspiracy and coup d’état will hopefully be a lesson for all they go to the political struggle and abandon the path of arms and violence (…) I will give peace a chance», he said.