Venezuela welcomes international accompaniment in May-20 elections

In the face of the upcoming elections of May 20, the Chancellor of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, assured that Venezuela welcomes all countries that wish to provide international accompaniment to the electoral process.

“We have nothing to hide. There are already many companions who come for May 20, Vice Presidents from all over the world, Prime Ministers, former Presidents. May all come to watch and be creditors” of the results issued by the National Electoral Council (CNE), said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

During his participation in the national electoral simulation that takes place this Sunday, he pointed out that unlike other countries, Venezuela has a solid and stable democracy, where the people are the ones who choose their Government.

“Many of those countries that attack Venezuela are grouped under the guidelines of US imperialism to judge Venezuelan democracy, and here is the people demonstrating their participation in the electoral simulation, because in Venezuela only the one that draws the most votes is the one that wins the elections”, said Arreaza.

Likewise, he congratulated the popular mobilization during the national voting test, destined to allow the voters to know the process in which the President of the Republic and the 23 members of the legislative councils will be elected.

“We are proud of our democratic system. On May 20 we will see a beautiful and thriving people exercising their right to vote, “he said.