Attorney General announces arrest of owner of Dollar Pro web portal

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, announced on Thursday the arrest of the owner of the Dollar Pro website, a page used to give illegal currency markers in Venezuela and thus attack the Bolivar.

“Carlos Marrón Colmenares, a true financial terrorist, with his company registered in Florida, USA, who will be put at the orders of the authorities”, he said.

The Attorney General of the Republic assured that Carlos Marrón Colmenares was arrested for the crimes of dissemination of false information, money laundering and association to commit a crime.

“We have been able to verify that this type of action has accomplices in social network accounts and they are organized, with the only purpose of promoting exchange terrorism in the country”, explained the prosecutor.

Saab said that impunity has ended in Venezuela.

“We will not allow that anyone who wants to raise the dollar amount on holidays or whenever he wants, does it without any control, whoever commits this kind of crime we call financial terrorism will have the full weight of the law (…) Enough of it”, he said.

He explained that between the months of September and December 2017 the currency (dollar exchange rate per bolivar) increased to 100,000 VEF, and between December and January to 200,000 VEF.

“It’s crazy (…) they seek to destroy the currency, they damage the entire country and the Venezuelans at every level, individually, the most humble, the middle class, the merchants, etc”.

The prosecutor stressed that these financial terrorists seek to unsettle the political, economic and social stability in the country.

“What is intended is to increase the shortage of food, medicines and others, all these facts are orchestrated by the international right wing in order to affect the Bolivarian Revolution”.

He called on the Venezuelan people to increase social awareness and not to encourage these illicit actions such as financial terrorism in the country.