CNE will audit the voters’ data on April 24

The National Electoral Council (CNE) will conduct the audit of voter data on the voting machines on April 24, in which will be involved the technicians of the electoral body and political organizations that will participate in the elections on May 20, said the press office of the electoral body.

This process will verify the biometric data of the voters, the quality of the fingerprints and the procedures that certify the fingerprints contained in the Integrated Authentication System (SAI), with the purpose of avoiding the duplication of votes.

The reliability of the names, surnames and identity card numbers of the voters, contained in the Electoral Registry (RE) will also be checked.

For this, the technicians will take as sample the 0.5% of the Electoral Registry and at the end of the audit, the political parties and the CNE will sign a record.

This process is part of the audits established by the electoral entity to guarantee the transparency and reliability of the electoral process on May 20, when 20,526,978 voters will be called to elect the President of the Republic, while 18,919,364 will elect deputies of the states legislative councils.