Maduro: Prison awaits to those who try to mount guarimbas

President Nicolás Maduro warned on Friday to the Venezuelan opposition sectors on that prison, justice and the entire weight of the law awaits to anyone who intend to resume street violence to generate chaos, guarimbas and destabilization.

These declarations were made by the Head of State during the ceremony of Argenis Chavez’s oath as Governor of the state of Barinas, where he said that with the argument of disowning the electoral results, the opposition intends to set the streets again on fire as they did at the beginning of the year. actions that ended up weakening them as a political force and led to their defeat in the regional elections.

«I tell you (to the opposition) that whoever breaks the rules again, will go straight to jail, compadre; justice, to defend the right to peace», said Maduro in reference to that sector of the opposition that disowns the electoral process, that which calls for abstention, who execute the economic war against the people in order to induce inflation and to return the «guarimbas» (street riots).

Maduro reminded the violent opposition that now they don’t have the former-prosecutor and fugitive of the Venezuelan justice, Luisa Ortega Diaz, who was their accomplice to carry out the coup in the country. «Whoever breaks the rules, compadre, will have 30 years in the hole!» He stressed.

The spiral of violence generated through four months by the national right wing, which aimed to perpetrate a coup d’ etat, generated 9,435 street actions, 62.2% of them violent, leaving a regrettable balance of 124 deaths, 1,455 injured of which 71.27% correspond to police and military officials.

Maduro said that despite these anti-democratic sectors there is a part of the opposition that does acknowledge the electoral defeat and another part that does not want to recognize it, uses the false argument of the advantage, although they were present and are participants in all the audits offered the National Electoral Council in the processes of free, direct, secret and universal voting that take place in the country.

«It would have to be seen what advantage they do talk about, because if it is through the media, the national broadcasters every day do what they do is lead us and in the election campaign they gave them the publicity spots to all the candidates of the opposition. I have the evidences», he said.

He added that this advantage in favor of the opposition also happened within radio stations and social networks.

Maduro stressed that the success of the revolutionary forces in the regional elections where they won 18 Governorates, was based on a campaign developed in the streets, in assemblies, neighborhood by neighborhood. «We won because we have the reason, the morale and a people who loves its Revolution, that’s why we won,» he said.