In Venezuela is waged continuity of changes in Latin America

Foto: Referencial.
Foto: Referencial.
The Network of Intellectuals in Defense of Humanity, warned in a declaration that in Venezuela is currently waged the continuity of the progressive changes in Latin America, and therefore they insist on the defense of the revolutionary process.
During their participation in the “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro) program, broadcast from Miraflores Palace, in Caracas, journalist Ignacio Ramonet stressed that the thinkers of the continent agreed to bring a message of solidarity with Venezuela, against the social, economic and media attacks suffered by the nation.
For her part, the Mexican economist Ana Esther Ceceña, said: “We were debating, very concerned, about this offensive surge against Latin America, which coincides with a stage of capitalism that is very complicated, with wars that are not declared, that are caused by the inside, very different from those we had in the twentieth century”.
He said that many elements point to addressing “economic bombs” which induce financial punishment and try to corrode society, to sow fear, suspicion, confusion and for the citizens to feel paralyzed and helpless. “This is happening in many countries in Latin America (…) and we have to defend the continent as a whole.”
Anthropologist Hector Diaz Polanco stressed in the need to strengthen the process of change that exists in Venezuela.
Maduro stated that the journey of the Homeland Congress, to be held from April 13 to 19, will discuss the contributions of intellectuals, in a crucial period of the Bolivarian Revolution.