President Maduro proposes to produce 5 million oil barrels per day

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stressed that he will personally assume the reins to increase the national oil production.
“We must break the knots that are created with the mafias to control everything. One thing that was created in PDVSA. All those knots I will untie to release the oil production. I assume this battle as a personal one”, said the Head of State during the presentation of the Report and Account of 2018 before the National Constituent Assembly (ANC).
For this, he asked for the support of the oil working class, of the oil professionals, in order to fight this scourge in the country’s oil field.
He informed that the National Government proposes, with the correct strategy, to reach five million barrels per day of oil production: “We have to achieve it with work, with honesty, with capacity”, he said.