Psuv will request the CNE to comply with law in voting centers attacked by violence

The Mayor of the Bolivarian Libertador Municipality, Jorge Rodríguez, informed that the Psuv will request the CNE that the voting centers where the vote was not allowed for acts of violence in the elections of last July 30 are not opened by the body for the upcoming regional elections scheduled for October, in compliance with the electoral law.

“Voting centers that they did not allowed to be opened due to their violent actions on the constituent election of July 30, can not be opened for the gubernatorial elections. The electoral law is very clear in that sense (…) we will formally request it, let them become accustomed to the fact that there cannot be good elections and bad elections according to their convenience”, he said.

He stated that the voters of these centers must exercise their right in the spaces determined by the Electoral Power.

During the 71st broadcast of the “La Política en el Diván” (Politics in the Divan) program, Rodríguez emphasized in some electoral centers of the Chacao, Baruta, El Hatillo, Sucre municipalities (of Caracas), among others, where the violent groups did not allowed the right to the suffrage in the elections for the ANC.