Maduro: Every vote is a message of respect towards Venezuela

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, assured that each Venezuelan vote sends a message to the imperial powers to demand respect for the sovereignty of the country.

“We have to win this battle between everyone. It is a battle of all Venezuelans, of the Chavistas, of the revolutionaries, of the patriots, of the non-Chavistas, of the opponents, of the independents. It is a battle for independence, for sovereignty. The respect of Venezuela we achieved among all, we have to achieve it”, he said.

The Head of State urged Venezuelans to vote in the remaining hours of the process for the candidate of their choice.

“We have to go vote for the candidate of your choice, and thus affirm that Venezuela is a sovereign, free nation and that we want peace, tranquility and respect for our beloved Homeland. (…) Every vote has to be a vote of love, a demand for respect, and a step forward in a country exercising its political sovereignty”, he added.

Maduro rejected recent interventionist statements issued by US President Donald Trump, describing them as desperate acts.

“I believe that the permanent aggression of the Ku Klux Klan Government of the United States against the people of Venezuela is very discredited and is rejected by the world public conscience, by the peoples of the world and by our people in particular”.

“His statements are a demonstration of the desperation before the sample of participation and the development of the elections in Venezuela. Despair runs through these scenarios and they do not have the slightest ability to interpret and understand the message that the people of Venezuela are sending. They have no capacity for dialogue, their only capacity is to sweep and threaten”, he said.