Were created norms for harmonious relationship between ANC and constituted powers

The President of the National Constituent Assembly, Delcy Rodríguez, stressed that the measure of the “Decree of harmonious relationship and full functioning of the ANC” which was published in an extraordinary gazette today has the purpose of guaranteeing the full institutional functioning of the Assembly In harmony with the constituted public powers.

She explained that within the articles it is instituted to preserve public tranquility, sovereignty, peace and national independence, the functioning of the State and the effective guarantee of the rights of the Venezuelan people.

“Resolving the past, current and overcoming difficulties and reducing the threats and risks that have affected its mandate and performance,” she said.

She added that the decree seeks to repair the diversion of public branches that must guarantee the preeminence of the rights of Venezuelans.

Rodríguez highlighted the reparative nature of the ANC, as it was informed to the country during the campaign. “This rule is aimed at repairing deviations of power.”

She also announced that the National Constituent Assembly, with an immediate character will be able to enact measures on competencies, operation and organization of the organs of the public power, to reach the high aims of the State.

“All bodies of public power are subordinate to the ANC and are obliged to comply with and enforce the legal acts that emanate from that Assembly directed towards the preservation of peace and public peace, sovereignty and National independence, financial stability and guarantee of the rights of Venezuelans”, she added.