Maduro: With amnesia law opposition admits their participation in crimes

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, denounced on Thursday that with the Law on Amnesty and National Reconciliation approved by the National Assembly (NA) with an opposition majority, the right wing admits their participation in the offenses and crimes.
“The NA comes to impose a coup-plotting agenda, they only pass laws according to the interests of the economic groups they represent. It is a historical confession of the continued coup d’etat as a strategy for 17 years. They confess their involvement in crimes and crimes since 1999”, said the President from Miraflores Palace in Caracas
Likewise, he ruled that the first draft of this Law generated loathing in the right wing worldwide; and so they did it a makeover, “And overnight they brought out another project, which the majority of opposition deputies never read, they approved it behind closed doors, giving their back to the country, ignoring the committee of victims of the “guarimbas” (street riot barricades). It is a law that, from the constitutional point of view, is immoral. ”
Finally, the President explained that as Head of State he will ensure constitutionality and the right to justice, “You can not pass a law that promotes self-forgiveness for the perpetrators, the murderers. It is a law of war and division”, he said.