Our mission is to build a harmonious society

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, urged the ministerial train and political leaders to continue working to build a more just, more humane society.

“Our mission is to irreversibly overcome misery, poverty, need, and build a more harmonious, equitable, prosperous, stable, sustainable society, Venezuela has everything for that”, he reflected.

From Miraflores Palace, in a work journey with the executive cabinet, the Head of State assured that the Government is aligning the economic, social, moral and political force “of a country that has everything to grow, to consolidate , That is why they bombard us, harass us, so that we do not end up reaching the irreversible point of National Independence”.

He explained that the “Somos Venezuela” (We Are Venezuela) movement must align with all the Missions in order “to do more and do new things with what we have, and reach to all those who it has to get … the Missions and Great Missions must break with the assistance that is a Bourgeois political concession of politics, populism; the Missions must go to liberate the human being”, he said.

He finally acknowledged, in a self-critical exercise, that “many Missions fell into a routine, into a lethargy, and we must acknowledge that some Missions fell into bureaucracy and corruption with managers, the Homeland card and the “Somos Venezuela” movement will break with that, to start with a new stage”.