Opposition uses case of Leopoldo López to boycott dialogue

The Mayor of the Bolivarian Municipality of Libertador, Jorge Rodríguez, denounced that the opposition again boycotted the dialogue table to continue with the violent demonstrations of recent weeks.

He detailed that the statements of Lilian Tintori and Freddy Guevara assuring that Leopoldo López did not accepted (having his own) house for imprisonment – after the meeting held with the Head of the Commission for Truth, Delcy Rodríguez, at the Ramo Verde prison – are part of this effort to sabotage dialogue, and noted that this action is inscribed in the use of the technique known as “post-truth”.

“Since the beginning of these advances to establish the dialogue, more than 100 meetings have been established (…) It is themselves (the opposition’s spokespersons) who began to publish tweets to make accusations in order to boycott dialogue. (…) What Mrs. Tintori did yesterday, and what Guevara did today was kicking the table in order to prevent further initiatives of dialogue that have been raised in Venezuela in recent weeks to prevent the violence from being deactivated”, said Rodriguez during his weekly program, “La Política en el Diván” (Politics in the Divan).

Rodríguez denied the statements by the militants of the “Voluntad Popular” party, assuring that Leopoldo López had accepted indeed the measure of house imprisonment.

“Governments of the world’s right wing, Government of Colombia, Government of Argentina, Government of Peru, Government of Panama, Government of Mexico, Government of Mr. Donald Trump, (…) European Union, Mr. Rajoy, Governments of this group of 15 right-wing Governments that have done their best to attack Venezuela, listen: According to his wife, Lopez said no to what you have requested so many times, (…) And it is such the level of lies, that they put themselves a rope on their throat, because that is not true, Mrs. Tintori; I have the proofs, if you want I can show them to you, (…) and if you deny what I am saying, I will show them to the people of Venezuela”.

Mayor Jorge Rodríguez affirmed that the truth is that President Nicolás Maduro, in order to promote dialogue, proposed the formation of a Commission for the Truth for Peace, for Reconciliation and Care for the Victims of Violence, experiences that have given (positive) results in countries burdened by violence, such as Colombia and South Africa.

He also showed a letter signed by Leopoldo López, sent the year before to Aristóbulo Istúriz, who was then chairman of the Commission for Truth, where López agreed to make himself available for the Commission for Truth, an element that the leadership of Voluntad Popular has denied, in order to spread the violence in the country.

“It is not true that Mr. Lopez said to remain in the streets until the Government falls, and we can prove it, quite on the contrary, Mr. Lopez was willing to propose, to subscribe documents to stop the violence that you promote, and neither is it true that he said that he did not want (to have his) house for imprisonment. You guys did it again last night, you showed a video recorded 3 weeks ago, in order to blackmail the other actors of the right wing who are already fed up with you”, he said.