Approved rules for constitution of voters groups who will nominate candidates to the ANC

During the discussions of rectors of the National Electoral Council on the committees of the National Assembly Constituent (ANC) was approved this Tuesday the rules for the constitution of groups of voters who could present candidates for the constituent process.

In addition to voter groups, candidates for the ANC can present by their own initiative and by sectors, such as: indigenous people, students, peasants and fishermen, entrepreneurs, people with disabilities, pensioners, community councils and workers.

«The electoral authorities also finalized the first discussion of the nomination rules, as well as the special regulation that rules the acts and actions of the constituent process for the election of the members that will be part of the National Constituent Assembly, elected by the peoples and Indigenous communities», said the Electoral Power, quoted in a press release.

The CNE also approved the forms for the collection of signatures and the percentages of the same that are necessary by each sector.

Likewise, the commission added that this Wednesday will continue the permanent session to continue reviewing the basis of this process.