Francisco Torrealba: The people will not allow a coup d' etat

The deputy for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Francisco Torrealba, said on Thursday that the Venezuelan people went to the National Assembly to continue defending the revolution in peace.
Torrealba said that Venezuelans want peace and dialogue and will not allow a coup d’ etat to be executed, “We want peace, dialogue, understand among Venezuelans, for wisdom, tolerance and respect to prevail, regardless of that are not shared political ideas that anyone may tout “he added.
He clarified that there is no fear of going to an election process, but stressed that the opposition does not comply with the requirements of the law, “The opposition calls for elections and then commit fraud, they also call for a coup d’ etat, this opposition remains being a liar and irresponsible one to the country, hopefully will catch up the political debate that the country demands right now “, he said.