Venezuela: A world champion of human rights, freedoms, democracy, equality

«The Bolivarian Revolution has to go into the world to exhibit its truth. One of the criticisms that the companions of the world make to us is that we are not yet at the level of the political and psychological warfare that is waged in the world’s media against Venezuela «.
Thus was asserted by President Nicolas Maduro, stressing that «many people abroad believe that in here there is a dictatorship and the people is persecuted, and that human rights are being violated.»
From the Catia Theater in Caracas, during his program «Contacto con Maduro» (Contact with Maduro) number 70, he said that «Venezuela is the world’s champion of human rights, freedoms, democracy, social equality»
The National President called for an effort to reconfigure the whole policy of social construction of the Revolution, «To reconfigure, to re-position, to relaunch all that has been created».