President Maduro: Our diplomacy has a voice of its own inspired by the Liberator

President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday that Venezuela has always been open to a peace diplomacy, inspired by the strategic thinking of the Liberator Simon Bolivar and driven by the Supreme Commander Hugo Chavez to create a multipolar and multicentric world.
“We do a renewal of vows of cooperation, respect, with countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, who always brings us messages from Heads of State, Geads of Government, of the fraternal peoples of the world, strengthening peace diplomacy”, said the President from Miraflores Palace, where he received the credentials from eight ambassadors, three of them as residents.
He also confirmed that the Venezuelan diplomacy is an independent diplomacy, “With a single inspiration, because it is the inspiration of the universal strategic thinking of the Liberator Simon Bolivar and further developed by the larger geo-politician that has existed and will exist, our Commander Hugo Chavez” .
The President also said the Venezuelan diplomacy “knocks the doors of the world to speak well of Venezuela, to attract good energies and good cooperation in the world, never to put our Homeland badly, on the contrary, to say how good it is our people, our history, and to dream together “in the context of economic development that promotes the Bolivarian Economic Agenda and the 17th Summit of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), scheduled for this September, on the island of Margarita , Nueva Esparta state.