Rodriguez: It can not be in leadership positions people with proximity to the right wing

The leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Jorge Rodriguez, reiterated on Monday that “there can not be in managerial positions, in 99-kind positions, in the ministries, people who are against the Revolution and President Nicolas Maduro. ”
In this regard, he stressed that “Today, by orders of the president, have been convened five ministers of the Executive Cabinet to discuss some topics related to these ministries and thus to establish categorically, that there can not be in any positions of trust, people that manifest their sympathy with the right wing”.
Similarly, he was specific and stressed, “People in 99-kind posts who in a public way authorized the activation of the late revocatory referendum, have a term of 48 hours to find another job destination”.
“Because those people are the officials who begin to revile and slow the processes, which hide the papers, which do not give face to the people whenever an obstacle arises”.