Patriot officials will take on the task of restoring public safety at the highest level

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, reiterated this Thursday that soon there will be a relaunching throughout the National Territory of the Operation for Protection and Liberation of the People (OLP), with the aim of fighting the paramilitary gangs that affect security in the country.
“I have given precise instructions to the Minister for Interior Justice and Peace, Nestor Reverol, to the Minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino Lopez and to the General Commander of the National Guard (GNB), Antonio Benavides Torres, to accelerate the preparation in the coming days of a special plan that allows us to relaunch the OLP to the highest level. We go with force to resume the Safe Homeland plan, the Peace Quadrants in a civilian-military-police union”, detailed the Head of State.
During the ceremony that marked the 79th anniversary of the GNB held in the Paseo Los Proceres (The Heroes Stroll), the President urged the officials to work so that Venezuela will become a land of peace.
“For that is the preparation of you boys and girls, to assume on the big tasks of restoring the public safety at the maximum level and thus go to the capture of paramilitary gangs that hijack, that assault, that kill our people, we have to declare the Total struggle against them to get them out of the country”, he added.
In this regard, the President said he hoped that such a well-crafted plan will be presented in the coming days.
“I hope that with the special forces this year we will have great results of the OLP and achieve the pacification of our Homeland (…). It is the internal security, internal peace, internal protection. We are going to impose a State of security, of order, justice, respect for the law and the right to life, we will refine the plans that have been implemented and will keep it steadily in order to get partial victories, and then total victories”, he said .