Maduro: People's Power must radicalize to build territories of true socialism

«The people, with its indestructible moral, is in battle every day, amidst the difficult times it must continue on the combat and get more radicalized, must occupy all possible spaces to build territories of true socialism».
The statement was made by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, through a telephone contact, regarding the various events taking place today as the delivery of property titles of urban lands, and a new deployment of the Great Mission Sovereign Supply.
«When we say «Chavez Lives, the Homeland Continues», it shows what we are, it shows that the revolution continues, in this case, it is the revolution of the urban land committees,» he said.
During his speech, the President also spoke words of condolence on the death of Anibal Chavez, mayor of the Sabaneta municipality, in Barinas state, who was the brother of Commander Hugo Chavez.
«Today is a sad day, but we must continue the fight, we have lost a man who had a great force until the last second of his life, loyal to the ideals of Commander Chavez, always with a word of encouragement, optimism and fighting; he leaves the greatest legacy that is love, morality, a work done and a mission accomplished, «said the President.