Venezuela denounces Spain’s complicit silence regarding Orlando Figuera’s murderers

“Spain has not responded, the Spanish justice system, the King of Spain maintain a complicit silence regarding the murderers of Orlando Figuera (who are) there in Spain, a complicit silence is maintained by the King, the president of Spain and the Judiciary branch of Spain.”

These words correspond to the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who denounced that the Spanish justice system has not responded to the request for the extradition of those involved in the murder of young Orlando Figuera, which occurred in May 2017.

In this sense, he recalled that Figuera, 22 years old, was tortured, beaten, persecuted and burned alive with gasoline by sectors of the extreme right wing in the guarimbas (riots).

Last May, the National Assembly (AN) approved a Draft Agreement Repudiating the murder of Orlando Figuera, which constitutes an in-depth investigation into the circumstances surrounding his premature death.

Regarding the case of Orlando Figuera, the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, specified that “in there participated people who were paid to commit acts outside the law.”
In this regard, the Attorney General’s Office ordered the arrest of citizens Kleiver Hernández, Yuber Rodríguez, Elio Carrasquel and Ángel Daniel Sucre Cova for the murder of Orlando Figuera, while it reactivated the extradition request of Enzo Franchini, accused of public instigation and terrorism.

Saab explained that Franchini was arrested in 2019 in Spain and the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) declared his extradition as appropriate. In 2020, the Criminal Chamber of the National Court of the Kingdom of Spain declared the extradition of Enzo Franchini admissible through judicial means.

However, after an appeal, extradition is denied on the grounds that Franchini’s human rights were violated.