President Maduro: Division of the opposition is due to the failure of imperialism

In a conversation with several journalists invited to the 41st broadcast of the “Con Maduro+” program, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stressed that the ideological division currently suffered by the Venezuelan opposition is due, in the first instance, to the “failure of North American imperialism in Venezuela.”

In this context, the head of state responded to the question of the journalist and presenter of Venezolana de Televisión, Carlos Arellán, about whether the unity of the opposition depended on him, at which time he guaranteed that Imperialism, whom he described as the “Master and lord of the opposition”, should review his disappointment in Venezuela.

Maduro emphasized his belief in words and dialogue, and challenged the opposition to reflect on their current situation compared to 20 years ago: “You have been conspiring for 20 years, are you better or worse now than 20 years ago? Check yourself,” he said.

The president also criticized the role of imperialism in the promotion of Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López, to whom he attributed the destabilization of the opposition. According to the head of state, the extremist right wing has not known how to take advantage of its electoral victories and Guaidó’s flight from Venezuela left the opponents divided into four parts.

Finally, he denied being to blame for the fact that the opposition has 24 political parties and 12 candidates: “That’s your fault. We have a great social, political, united force and a single candidate. The candidate is the people!”, He concluded.