President Maduro points out Dinora Figuera as the dismemberer of CITGO

The Venezuelan Government will judicially, politically and diplomatically confront the claims of the United States and its opposition allies to kidnap and seek to dismember the Venezuelan subsidiary (Citgo), a company that belongs to Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), said the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

In the 36th edition of his “Con Maduro+” program, he warned that, just as they “dismembered” the Venezuelan plane in US territory, “now they are going to dismember Citgo, they have it kidnapped, they do not allow PDVSA, which is the owner of Citgo, having a group of lawyers there, in the courts.”

President Maduro indicated that in the United States there is no right to defense: “It is a lie, there is no State of defense, there is no State of law. That’s where they rule. And who has Citgo in their hands at this moment? Still Guido and a certain Dinora Figuera, who today at an event in Madrid, supporting with Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma, the sayona (*).”

The one who is intending to dismember Citgo is the campaign manager of the disqualified one,” he added, and because it is an action that attacks Venezuela, he highlighted that “in the end, Venezuela will do everything in its hands and reach to rescue Citgo, because it belongs to the boys and girls of Venezuela, to the people of Venezuela.”

The Venezuelan head of state emphasized that Citgo does not belong to a group: “Citgo is a power that costs more than 12 billion dollars, the refineries it has, the ports,” and “in addition, Citgo has 5 billion dollars (cash) in bank accounts sequestered in the accounts of Juan Guiado, of Dinora Figuera, of the surnames.”

The President illustrated what would happen if those resources were rescued: “If we rescued those 5 billion dollars, where would they go? For our grandparents, community councils, territorial projects, to increase the income of workers, but they have it kidnapped.”

He defined the act committed by the United States and its allies as “one of the greatest injustices that will remain in the memory of the people of Venezuela for 200 years. We will face them, you will see”, confirming that the situation will be faced judicially, politically and diplomatically.

In that order, President Maduro stressed that the people of Venezuela must be aware of who is responsible for the dismantling of the plane and who is responsible for the possible dismantling of Citgo.

“Alert, alert!” he expressed when calling on the people of Venezuela to recognize the names of the opposition who were complicit in this act.

(*): The “Sayona” is the name of a female ghoul in the traditional Venezuelan lore.