President Maduro denounces campaign to speak ill of Venezuela and predicts opposition failure in the presidential elections

The constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, denounced a new campaign to speak ill of Venezuela on the issue of forced migration on the world stage, and predicted the opposition’s failure in the presidential elections that will be held this 2024: “They are trying to play a forward game,” he denounced.

Right now there is the intensification of the campaigns, dirty war, false positives, fake news, with the networks having the greatest weight. And they believe it is true. Last week, from the US government, the Voice of America and AP portals tried to demonize the Venezuelan migrant people,” said the Venezuelan president, during his “ConMaduro+” program, broadcast from Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui state.

The head of state specified that the compatriots who, deceived, have migrated to other countries, “are noble people who, because of the sanctions and the reduction of national income by 99%, a part of them went to the south of the continent, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and a good part of it as a result of xenophobia are now in the hands of coyotes, in the north (USA).”

And now from there, they say that they are all criminals. “They want to position us for the campaign, inventing traps every day to position the daily negative matrix about Venezuela, on international portals, on the networks, to put Venezuela in a bad light abroad,” he warned.

President Maduro warned that given the impossibility of the extremist opposition to win the presidential elections in Venezuela, “imperialism and the extremist right wing are trying to damage the image of Venezuela, in order to “save the furniture” as they say.”

In no way, any action by imperialism and the extreme right wing will ever defeat the Bolivarian Revolution in the elections,” he predicted forcefully.

He invited those migrants who are “suffering abroad” to return to Venezuela: “Come here, as brothers, with the nobility and affection that we have as a family we will face whatever we must face.”

The second thing I say and I say it to the US elite, to the governments and to whoever could come, lift all the sanctions against the economy of Venezuela, the Venezuelan society and you will see that within a year at the latest this (migratory) problem ends and the migrants will return to a powerful Venezuela. We are a guarantee of that.”