Russia is willing to cooperate in political dialogue in Venezuela

The Chancellor of the Russian Federation, Sergei Lavrov, affirmed that his country is willing to facilitate political dialogue in Venezuela and assured that his government is prepared to cooperate in whatever is necessary when the Bolivarian Government warrants it, “it is our position firm and has never changed.”

In a joint press conference with the Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Yván Gil, at the Casa Amarilla, headquarters of the Chancellery of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, he welcomed the willingness of both governments to strengthen diplomatic relations and assured that prepares the meeting of presidents to strengthen ties of friendship.

In this regard, he noted that “Russia is willing to facilitate dialogue between the Government and the opposition in those forms in which the legitimate government of the Bolivarian Republic is interested,” said Lavrov.

Currently, the National Assembly (AN) promotes a dialogue with all sectors of the opposition to generate a proposed schedule for the presidential elections this year in 2024.

Dialogue with Guyana:

Regarding Venezuela’s claim over Guayana Esequiba, the Russian Chancellor considered it unacceptable to interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela as of any other country: “The position is to dialogue. Each part has its own position. “There are bases for a constructive dialogue, we think it is important to reach a mutual agreement.”

He also said that there is a known position on the basis of the International Court of Justice, and in this sense, he highlighted that Russia will remain firm in “providing support to our Venezuelan friends,” he said.

It is worth noting that the Government of Venezuela ratified its recognition of the 1966 Geneva Agreement as the only instrument to reach a solution to the territorial controversy it faces with Guyana over the Essequibo.