President Maduro to ExxonMobil: Here we are waiting for you!

Keep on believing it, Do you hear, ExxonMobil? We are here, whenever you want and wherever you want, but ExxonMobil will not enter that sea that is yet to be delimited, you should know,” stated the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, maintaining that the American oil company is “an imperial arm for oil.”

The statement of the Head of State responded to the claims ratified in recent days by representatives of ExxonMobil about exploring the sea to be delimited on the coasts of Venezuela.

Given “the permanent provocation they are mounting from Guyana”, the Venezuelan Dignitary pointed out: “Venezuela is Venezuela, our people is our people (…) We have a people and we have the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, a civil-military union to defend, whenever there is to be defended.”

The President indicated that the Guyana side is obliged “as I told them on December 14, with firmness, diplomacy and respect, all the truths, and I showed them all the documents. You, President of Guyana, in the short or long term will have to sit at this table with the Geneva Agreement, because we do not recognize any other instance.”

I told President Mohamed Irfaan Ali: Do not open the doors to the devil (…) to the Southern Command, to the US military, do not lend your territory to threaten Venezuela, stop that, I told him and I know that message reached him “What happens is that he does not govern there, the gringos govern there, they took all the instances of power, they bought everyone, unfortunately.”

In this sense, President Maduro asserted that only through the Geneva Agreement will Venezuela’s sovereign rights over the Essequibo be restored.

58 years after the signing of this instrument in 1966, the President did not hesitate to point out that this agreement will prevail.

In the 34th edition of the “Con Maduro +” program, the Head of State seconded the position of the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, who pointed out that Guyana opted for illegality and aggression, regarding this agreement that meant leaving behind the fraudulent Paris arbitration award of 1899.

In his words, he highlighted that President (Mohamed) Irfaan Ali does not govern in Guyana (…) he is simply there, in Guyana the one who commands, directs and rules is ExxonMobil and the Southern Command.”