Resources by the Federal Government Council increased 436% compared to 2023

Resources from the Federal Government Council “are increasing 436% compared to last year,” reported the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, during the work journey with the Plenary of the Federal Government Council within the framework of the 7T. Nets.

This scenario – as indicated the Dignitary – is presented, now with exchange stability, stability of the inflation rate, having the lowest inflation rate in the month of January 2024, which has been had since 2006:

This year, at the level of net resources for prioritized projects in the communities that are going to be delivered by the Federal Government Council, there will be 436 percent more resources compared to last year, more money with better economic indicators,” he continued as part of this scope.

The President said that with this good news the Federal Government Council begins this 2024, because this money will be able to “yield” and important levels of economic balance will be reestablished in the exchange rate, the inflation rate, so that silver does not transform it into salt and water and the projects do not remain unfinished.”

He maintained that with the arrival of important investors in the country in 2024, “the oil Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be much better than in 2023,” so “the regions will be helped with money.”

Regarding the constitutional situation, President Maduro added that the good news are also translated into a monthly increase of over 670% of resources for all the states of the country.