Cilia Flores: They intend to attack Venezuela through an international body that has no jurisdiction

When speaking about the controversy surrounding Guayana Esequiba, the first combatant woman and deputy to the National Assembly, Cilia Flores, warned that foreign forces intend to strip Venezuela of a territory that has historically belonged to it since the creation of the Captaincy General of the Republic. In 1777:

They intend to strip us of that territory and, what is more serious, in the middle of the process the Government of Guyana, with ExxonMobil, they are granting concessions in our seas, they are trying to tax our territory, which we are not going to allow,” she stated.

The senior Venezuelan official also made reference to the attack undertaken by Guyana against Venezuela, unilaterally taking the Essequibo case to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), thus ignoring the Geneva Agreement, the only valid instrument to resolve the controversy:

It has been shown that they intend to attack us through an international body that has no jurisdiction, has no competence, that we do not acknowledge, that is neither legal nor legitimate,” said Flores during her speech at the 5×5 Machinery Meeting in Defense of Essequibo, carried out in Caracas city, this Wednesday.

In this context, the Representative called on all the Venezuelan people to participate next Sunday, December 3, in the consultative referendum in defense of Guayana Esequiba.

She added that the act of suffrage is simple and that once we comply with the Homeland we will all have the satisfaction of bequeathing future generations a complete map:

We must go out and vote because we have a commitment, we have to leave our future generations an integral territory (…) they are not going to strip us of our territory, we are going to defend it with a very powerful weapon, which is the vote. With the vote we will be defending our sovereignty, our integrity, our independence and our Essequibo,” she concluded.