Government deployed to prevent sabotage of the electrical system and guarantee identification prior to DEC-03

The National Government, represented in its institutions, is deployed in the country to guarantee Venezuelans the right to vote in the upcoming consultative referendum in defense of the territory of Guayana Esequiba, which will be held this Sunday, December 3.

In this sense, starting this Monday the Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Immigration (SAIME) begins a special identification operation that will continue until Saturday, for all those people who require their identity card and can vote.

Likewise, security agencies are monitoring and attending to public services, to avoid and counteract any attempt at sabotage that seeks to prevent the holding of the popular consultation called by the Electoral Branch.

The information was announced by the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, when offering a balance of what was discussed in the work meeting of the Council of Sectoral Vice Presidents, where were reviewed aspects of the electoral event and the operations of the Republic Plan.

After an attack on the electrical system was detected and attended to, he said: “This is a message for those who are thinking about sabotaging the electrical service: Our security agencies are connected with the Ministry of Electric Energy, in order to address any situation that arises. intends to restrict our right to this vital service. For the saboteurs, we are on top of essential services so that these events do not occur.”

Rodríguez took the opportunity to ratify the position of the Venezuelan people in defense of the historical right over the Essequibo, inherited from the father of the Homeland, Liberator Simón Bolívar, so “we are all going to vote in this democratic party with great joy.”

In this sense, he stressed that, given Guyana’s abusive behavior, impertinence and the unprecedented request to the International Court of Justice to stop the referendum, nothing is going to prevent Venezuelans from voting, in the peaceful exercise of popular sovereignty. to defend something as sacred as our territoriality:

There is nothing to discuss about the legitimate rights over the Essequibo. These days have served for all of Venezuela, all sectors to immerse themselves in the extensive formation of history,” he stated while adding that this event will be framed for posterity as part of the history of the country of a generation that participated in defense of Essequibo.

Finally, she stated that “December 4 will be a beautiful dawn for the people of Venezuela, in national unity the defense of the territory of Guayana Esequiba will be won. “The sun of Venezuela is born in Essequibo.”