Chancellor Gil: Investigation request to ICC on human rights is politically motivated against Venezuela

The Chancellor of the Republic, Yván Gil, in his appearance this Wednesday before the International Criminal Court (ICC) reiterated the denounce that the maneuver by some sectors against the country to request the resumption of the investigation into alleged Human Rights (HR) violations has a clear political objective to attack the nation for crimes against humanity that have never occurred:

We have shared with the Prosecutor’s Office around 30,000 reports that show the sustained efforts of the Venezuelan Justice System,” said the chancellor, this Wednesday.

At the ICC headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, Gil reiterated that the intention is to build an erroneous image about justice in Venezuela: “What cannot be expected is that unfounded accusations be constructed to satisfy the interests of external and internal actors,” he asserted.

This is the second day on which the chancellor appears before this court to defend Venezuela’s willingness to collaborate: “Venezuela has nothing to hide, we ratify the unwavering commitment to continue exercising jurisdiction over each of the matters,” he said.

In this sense, Gil reiterated that “the equation is not simple, the Prosecutor’s Office depends on our help for investigations in Venezuela” and emphasized that “there are 255 State agents charged and 64 accused. From this it follows that in Venezuela investigations have been carried out independently,” he insisted.

The Venezuelan diplomat recalled that the country has suffered attempts at political destabilization and that unilateral coercive measures have also generated serious consequences for the country, as part of this siege against the population and its rights.

Finally, he demanded to treat the Republic of Venezuela as a sovereign State, entrusted with the fulfillment of its duty to end impunity:

We ask of you for a fair, balanced and objective treatment that restores the legality broken by the beginning of this process,” concluded the Venezuelan chancellor.