With enthusiasm and joy, the head of state, Nicolás Maduro, welcomed this November 1st the celebration of the Christmas festivities, a time of family reunion and unity among Venezuelans.

In this context, the city of Caracas shines with the lighting of the Warairarepano Cross, a tradition that is celebrating its 60th anniversary as a symbol of faith that announces the arrival of baby Jesus.

For the Bolivarian Revolution, the lighting of Christmas, a time in which the spirit is lifted up and the birth of Jesus is reflected on, has represented the faith, the hope of the people who, with joy and a rebellious character, for years has known how to resist the attacks by the national and international right wing, thus demonstrating to the world that Venezuela defends its tranquility, joy and traditions typical of these days of meeting, union and sharing.

Along these lines, the Venezuelan Dignitary has invited the Venezuelan people “to begin the proper arrangements for the December holidays, through the beautification of their homes and the community.”