MP will investigate members of the National Primaries Commission for electoral fraud

The Attorney General of the Republic Tarek Wilian Saab, described the (opposition) primaries event held last Sunday as a fraud against their own followers and a buffoonish act.

The highest representative of the Public Ministry reported at a press conference that were appointed two prosecutors to begin the investigation, and it is presumed that the organizers of the event would be involved in the crimes of usurpation of functions, money laundering, identity theft, and association to commit a crime.

In his statements to the media, the Prosecutor indicated that the Public Ministry began the investigation in response to the complaint made by the opposition leader José Brito, deputy of the National Assembly.

Likewise, he recalled that Nelson Rampersad, a member of the Primaries Technical Commission, publicly denounced that the figures offered by the National Primaries Commission were manipulated and inflated, and pointed out that according to his estimates, more than 520,000 people did not go to vote:

We have appointed the 73rd National Prosecutors against Organized Crime and the 8th National Prosecutor with jurisdiction over Crimes Associated with SAIME (Venezuelan Identification and Migration service) to carry out the investigation,” said Saab.